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Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Liqueur Grand Muscat

Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Liqueur Grand Muscat NV


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  • Variety

  • Offering a delightfully intense combination of smoky fruit and spice flavours, this wine has a sweet, lingering finish. Layers of texture and flavour lift this wine to new heights of richness, complexity and intensity of flavour in which youthful fruit characters combine with the increased wood derived aged characters.
  • Alcohol

  • Bottle

  • Style

    Sweet White


The grapes are harvested at high baumé (17 Bé plus preferred). These grapes are then de-stemmed with the resultant must placed into tank. The must is then inoculated with yeast and a partial fermentation of the juice is undertaken (usually 2 to 3 Bé depending upon initial fruit ripeness). Once this level of fermentation is complete the must is placed into the press for juice extraction. The fermenting juice obtained from the pressing is fortified with neutral grape spirit (~ 96% alc.) to 18% alc. to arrest the fermentation. The resultant wine is then aged in various old oak barrels of between 500-4500 lts volume.

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