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Stargazer pays tribute to Abel Tasman, who as an explorer and navigator, must have spent a fair amount of time gazing towards the heavens. Tasman, a Dutchman under the employ of the United East India Company was the first European to sight Tasmania (on 24 November 1642) and then the South Island of New Zealand, nineteen days later on 13 December.

Stargazer Vineyards in Tasmania grow and work with pristine fruit to craft the wines that they are passionate about in an environment of extraordinary beauty. Wines of exceptional quality are produced in minute quantities .

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Stargazer Chardonnay, 2015


The nose is bursting with grapefruit and white peach, entwined with a nutty oakiness. The palate follows the nose with a superb lingering finish, beautifully balanced with good acidity and a fantastic creamy intensity. Delicious!

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Stargazer Pinot Noir, 2016


Dense purple hues give way to an opulent nose showing the red fruits which are typical of the Huon Valley: pomegranate, cranberries and rhubarb compote. Long and lingering finish. Effortless power and finesse.

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Stargazer Riesling, 2015


Quartz-green in colour. Crammed with vibrant Cox’s Orange apple and lemon pith notes on the nose, as well as lifted jasmine and crystallised ginger aromatics. The palate’s bright acidity and river stone flavours are balanced with a gentle fruit sweetness and talc-like texture.

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