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Warner Edwards Victorias Rhubarb Gin 40%, 70cl

Warner Edwards Victorias Rhubarb Gin 40%, 70cl


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  • This gin has a wonderful fragrance, with a sweet and crisp rhubarb flavour. The texture is creamy, and the gin is soft and smooth enough to be drunk neat.
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    Gin with an amazing provenance – it combines not only Warner Edwards award winning gin but Queen Victoria’s Rhubarb too! Originally grown in Buckingham Palace. The rhubarb was split and half given to the Vice Regal Lodge in Dublin (now the Official Residence of the President of Ireland). It has made its way back to Crown Estate Land in Lincolnshire where the same crop is still grown. The other half remained at Buckingham Palace, but was destroyed during the Second World War, making this rhubarb very special indeed. Instead of using local spring water to cut the gin down to bottle strength, as they would with their Harrington Dry Gin, Tom & Sion press the organic rhubarb in a cider press to extract a beautiful pink liquor, using this to dilute the gin, with some added sugar to balance the acidity of the rhubarb.
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