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Wine School

Wine School

Great Western Wine School, in partnership with Bath-based wine educator Tristan Darby, will help you demystify the world of wine. Our aim is to provide you with hands-on learning through tasting wine (very important!); and an unstuffy, informed learning experience. Courses available are one day only, and more in depth six week courses.

‘From Cabaret, to Cabernet’! - Course tutor, Tristan Darby, is an ex-actor and singer, with 15 years of catering experience. Tristan started Bristol Wine School four years ago, and runs wine courses for many of the top restaurants in the Bristol area - with a focus on teaching the principles of food and wine matching.

Tristan Darby

"The idea behind Great Western Wine School is to expose students to a variety of styles and wine types in a relaxed and inclusive tutored environment. We want to ignite a spark in our students that the world of wine isn't just a place for elitists and connoisseurs, but that given the right information, it is a fascinating place full of variety to be enjoyed by all!"

Tristan Darby
Testimonial - "Your natural style is engaging, informative, enthusiastic and infectious (in a great way)...The pace of the day was just right, starting more slowly, with an in depth study of the grapes and vines themselves...You samples were generous and opinions honest and the food-matching was particularly well planned and thought through..." GD


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All courses are run for Great Western Wine by Bristol Wine School.
For all enquiries please email: or call Tristan Darby (tutor) directly on 07969 362511



This Saturday course has been specially geared to broaden your knowledge of the world of wine, boost your confidence and most importantly increase your enjoyment of wine. You will learn the basics of wine tasting; how wine is made (or the bits that matter in terms of buying and tasting wine anyway); and how to match food with wine, among other inspirational topics.

Venue: Allium Brasserie at the Abbey Hotel, Bath.

Dates: TBC

Duration: 11am - 4pm

Cost: £75

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A fun, interactive and hands-on four week wine course. Taste your way through 30 great wines from around the world and discover the principles of how to taste and assess wine, food & wine matching techniques, the classic red and white grape varieties, how wine is made, the impact of climate and production techniques on style and more...

Venue: Great Western Wine, Bath.

Dates: 30th September - 21st October 2014 / 3rd February - 24th February 2015

Duration: 7pm - 9pm : 4 consecutive Tuesdays

Cost: £100

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Expand your knowledge and appreciation of Italian wines over a delicious interactive day in a small group, as we help you explore and familiarise yourself with this picturesque and romantic country from north to south, by tasting a hand-picked selection of some of Italy's finest wines.

Over a fun, hands-on day you will taste 15 benchmark Italian wines from some of Italy's best winemakers in the major wine producing regions. Wines will include; Gavi di Gavi, Amarone, Soave,Barolo, Barbera, Chianti, Valpolicella, Nero d'Avola, Verdicchio, Prosecco and Moscato. We'll be taking a closer look Italy's key wine regions and food pairings for each wine as we go.

Venue: Great Western Wine, Bath

Dates: 9th May 2015

Duration: 11.30am to 3.00pm

Cost: £75 including lunch

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A Tour de France Wine Course

Discover the wines of the world's biggest wine producing country in this sumptious six week guided tour of the vines, wines and wine regions of France. Get to grips with the wonderful wines of France as we look at a different key region each week, tasting all of the classic French grape varieties and wine styles whilst comparing regional similarities and differences as we go.

Venue: Great Western Wine Shop, Bath

Dates: 14th April - 19th May 2015 

Duration: 6 x weekly 2 hour sessions, 7pm – 9pm

Cost: £185

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Get to grips with the key priciples of food & wine pairing in this fun hands-on workshop. Learn fantastic hints and tips from a professional wine tutor by tasting a range of food types and fine wines together to work out what does, and doesn't go well together - and why!

Venue: Great Western Wine, Bath.

Dates: 17th January 2015 / 21st March 2015 / 13th June 2015

Duration: 2.5 hours, Time: Saturdays 12pm to 2.30pm

Cost: £35

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A luxurious tasting of Champagne and other sparkling wines from around the world.

Venue: Allium Brasserie, Abbey Hotel, Bath.

Dates: 17th January, 21st March, 13th June

Duration: 2.30am - 4.30pm

Cost: £35

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