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From the Dolomites to the bays of Sicily, Italy's topographic makeup lends itself perfectly to wine production.As a result of her physique Italy boasts a myriad of different soils and climates.Adding to the equation a plethora of indigenous grape varieties, each harvest yields an abundance of diverse and fascinating wine styles. Italy is further blessed with many dedicated and passionate winemakers and vine growers.Their innovative approach has not only heralded a new age of creativity but has also allowed Italy to blossom into one of the most celebrated and colourful wine producing countries of our day.

We have followed Italy's journey with great enthusiasm. Gathering gems from each classic area we have strived to mirror her development with that of our own Italian collection. Our recent discoveries include a creamy mineral Soave from the volcanic soils of the Veronese hills and a succulent Gavi from the ancient clays of Piemonte. Wines from these areas now share the throne with old favourites from the length and breadth of the country, reflecting the best of its huge diversity. Fill your boots.

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Anselmi, Capitel Croce IGT, 2013

Displays the potential that can be acheived by Garganega in Veneto, an iconic wine.

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