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Portugal’s individuality is both its unique selling point and the reason it continues to suffer from a lack of consumer awareness of the quality of its wines. A country replete with indigenous grape varieties and some of the world’s most interesting blended wines, Portugal has long shunned the adoption of international varieties. The wines therefore defy imitation and possess an incredible sense of place.

In the granitic riverbanks of Douro, Tinta Roriz, or Tempranillo, produces wines which range from light-bodied and fruity to rich, meaty and complex. Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional, grapes famously used in the production of Port, produce robust, herbal reds with velvety tannins and ripe red fruit. Further south the vast vineyards of rural Alentejo are our latest area of discovery where the purity and balance of both the red and whites have been of great delight.

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Plansel Blanco Selecta, 2014

Subtle citrus and pineapple on the nose, with ripe white peach and exotic fruit on the palate. Learn more about Plansel Blanco Selecta

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Ribafreixo, Pato Frio Antao Vaz, 2015

Fresh tropical fruit with slight citrus and mineral notes. Fresh, daring and well-structured.

Learn more about Ribafreixo, Pato Frio Antao Vaz

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