Prosecco has taken Britain by storm in recent years, as a slightly sweet, easy-drinking, inexpensive bubbly. But there are some really committed producers such as Ruggeri, who make wines in Prosecco’s heartland of Valdobbiadene, from the region’s steep hillside vineyards. This is hard work for them, but the effort really shows for us in the wines’ intensity and purity of fruit – which means they can be drier than cheap, supermarket Prosecco. It is therefore no surprise that Ruggeri’s wines picked up Gold and Silver medals in the 2018 Prosecco Masters competition, alongside Fiol which also picked up a Gold medal.

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  1. Prosecco Stelle d'Italia

    A lively crisp Prosecco with a delicate lemony character and an aromatic, dry, refreshing finish. Learn More