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  • Ginspiration

    TRISTAN DARBY offers advice for balmy summer's evenings, on where to seek the perfect ginspiration


    Anyone who’s visited a bar or spirits retailer over the last few years will be aware of the gin bloom. Last year saw record UK sales of more than 40m bottles, with 2016 being dubbed ‘the year of gin’. This meteoric rise is far from over (with more than 40 new distilleries opened in the UK last year alone), and with an increasingly dynamic and diverse range of quality-led gins on offer – who’s to complain?

    Gin has a fascinating history from its likely beginning as a medicine, through the whisky-like Dutch Genever, Mother’s ruin and Victorian gin palaces to the present day. I’ll be hosting a Gin and Tonic Tasting on Wednesday 31st May at Great Western Wine where you can learn lots more about the history and world of gin in a fun, hands-on way. Click here to book tickets >  But for now, here are a few labels I recommend adding to your collection:

    Jensen’s Bermondsy London Dry Gin | £26 After tasting vintage gin from a long-lost London distillery, Christian Jensen set out to create an uber-traditional London Dry using only botanicals available in the 1800’s (no cucumber or seaweed here). Made at a small distillery located in railway arches near London Bridge, this is a gloriously traditional juniper-led gin with a strong pine note from the Italian juniper berries, and a touch of violets, spice and herbs. Rich and complex yet subtle and smooth. Delicious in a dry Martini, or a classic G&T with premium Indian tonic water and lemon or lime.

    Martin Miller’s Gin | £25 was a trailblazer for the gin renaissance, launched in 1999 at a time when gin was a business few in their right mind would go into. It was made with martin’s uncompromising vision to create the perfect gin. The lighter botanicals are distilled separately to the earthier ones, then blended together for balance, along with distilled cucumber. The resulting strong spirit is then sent on a 3000-mile round-trip to Iceland, where it is ‘cut’ to bottling strength of 40% abv with the purest water source available; mountain-filtered glacial melt water. Why shipped to Iceland? Back in the 90’s import laws meant water had to be ‘demineralised’ to transport across the EU (negating the whole point of using it). Does the effort make a difference? Yes. Awesomely fresh, pure, crisp and balanced. This is my go-to end of a long day gin served neat over ice. Also great in a Martini or G&T. Try it with Dr Polidori’s Cucumber Tonic or with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic as a relaxing spring/summer sipper.

    Brilliantly berry-infused Brockman’s Gin | £32, uses ten botanicals including blueberries and blackberries. Flavoursome and fruity, but beautifully balanced, I love to sip this neat.

    Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin | £35.50 is cleverly made using the pressed pink juice of a rhubarb crop originally grown in Queen Victoria’s garden. Fully flavoured, tangy and a little sweet, but again a beautifully balanced gin that’s a huge treat on its own served over ice or in a G&T.

  • Bordeaux Tasting Dinner | Allium Brasserie

    Another sell out Great Western Wine tasting dinner was held at the Allium Brasserie last week, and a very enjoyable one at that.  Head chef Chris Staines created a bespoke menu to compliment a range of six wines from Bordeaux, and as a newcomer to tasting dinners myself, I found this was a great way to gain a little more of an understanding about Bordeaux and it's varying wine producing regions.

    Bodeaux Dinner

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  • Annual Portfolio Tasting | Special Offer

    After an impressive turnout and brilliant response we received from the Annual Portfolio Tasting in Bath last week, I think it’s safe to say that this year’s event was our best yet, and an overall success.

    The Portfolio Tasting gives us the opportunity to allow our customers to try over 120 different wines from all over the world, hear about their origins, meet the producers, and vote on their favourites wines from the selection. And the best thing about it? We get to see first-hand which wines are enjoyed the most. It’s always good to get a suggestions on a good wine, and what better than recommendations from of over 400 people?

    As a result of this, we’ve put together a 12 bottle mixed case of 6 of the top wines from the night, so if you feel you’ve missed out, you can still enjoy a bit of the fun at home. To top it off, until Midnight on Friday 31st October you can get the entire case with 20% off for just £96 (RRP £120). If you want a sneak peek at what's inside the mixed case, have a look at the contents below!




    Portfolio Tasting | Best Sellers 12 bottle mixed case
    The mixed case is available to buy as part of the special offer until midnight on Friday October 31st.

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