South West France

If you like life off the beaten track, South West France is the region for you. Dotted sporadically between the southern borders of Bordeaux and the western Pyrénées, this eclectic collection of sub-regions is still relatively unknown and represents an exciting land of discovery for the intrepid wine explorer.

Whilst we don’t want to ruin the mystery...... head to Bergerac for exceptional value Bordeaux-style red and white blends, Jurançon, Côtes de Gascogne, and Gaillac for some of France’s best value dry whites from local varieties, and Cahors, Madiran and Fronton for powerhouse reds from native varieties Malbec, Tannat and Negrette, with tannin levels that aren’t for the faint hearted but are increasingly tamed into ripe silkiness.


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