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  1. Meinert Printers Ink Pinotage

    Full bodied, yet elegant new world pinotage at a surprising price! Learn More

  2. Tormentoso Pinotage Reserve

    Great example of what makes South Africa so good at this grape. Not to be missed. Learn More

  3. MAN Family Wines 'Bosstok' Pinotage

    A modern twist on a South African Classic. Lots of ripe fruits and trademark smoky character fill each mouthful of this wine. Learn More

  4. Just Nuisance Merlot Pinotage

    Red berry and ripe plum fruitiness; gloriously drinkable, unpretentious wine. Learn More

  5. Fram Pinotage

    The hallmark of this wine is the almost subtle density, combined with a very long lingering palate. It’s like you don’t even notice the power at first, but then it stays with you and just won’t go away

    Learn More