Ailala, whose name is found in traditional Galician folk songs and which means happiness, is brand spanking new, formed of 3 expert winemakers situated in the most ancient Valley in Ribeiro DO, the Avia Valley. The young oenologists behind the wine are Xosé Lois from Coto de Gomariz, Inma Pazos and Javer Gonzales from Casal de Arman; their mission? To exploit the aromatic quality and complexity of the rather unknown Treixadura grape variety. Look out for notes of peach, white flowers, lemon curd and fennel.


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  1. Ailala Treixadura Ribeiros Do Avia

    Displays sweet lemon and ripe melon with plenty of zing and grapefruit peel. Learn More

  2. Souson, Ailala Ribeiros Do Avia

    Vividly fruity – plum skin, blueberry, cherry and raspberry. An incredibly fresh and delicious red. Learn More