Heathcote, Victoria

The Chalmers family has been a quiet yet pivotal force in Australian wine for almost 30 years. Their nursery work in the field of Italian vine varieties has made a substantial contribution to the growth and success of the 'life beyond Chardonnay and Shiraz' category. The sustainable viticulture techniques that they implemented and refined at their vine nursery have been widely taken up across Australia to improve fruit quality while using less water and chemicals.

In 2008, the family established a vineyard in Heathcote, Victoria, to make Italian varietal wines under their own name, while continuing to propagate vines for other producers. Made under direction of the consummately talented Sandro Mosele, of Kooyong fame, these wines have bowled us over from the first time we tasted them.

Chalmers is truly a family business with all immediate family members involved at every level from importing, propagating and planting the vines to hand-harvesting, crushing and bottling the wines. Founders Bruce and Jenni are central to the nursery and vineyard operations while daughters Kim and Tennille run the wine business.

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  1. Chalmers Fiano

    Amazing wine! Made by one of the world’s most talented winemakers. A wine with dramatic tension between richness and bright tanginess.

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  2. Chalmers Nero d'Avola

    Juicy, cherry fruit on the nose and palate.  Silky-soft and succulent, this is extraordinarily easy to drink.

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  3. Chalmers Vermentino

    Sherbet lemon and cream on the nose, with a suggestion of fresh herbs.  Light, delicate, pure and fresh, with lovely crisp acidity.  Delicious green apple finish.  If you like Chablis, you’ll love this.

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  4. Chalmers Sagrantino

    Invitingly sumptuous, with rich, ripe fruit and savoury herbal complexity.  Superbly rounded and well-balanced.

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