Conterno Fantino


Claudio Conterno, whose role is based in the vineyard, and Guido Fantino, whose watchful eye and skilled hand makes the wines, started this benchmark estate in 1982. As two extremely talented individuals and members of the 'Langhe in', theirs has been the yardstick by which everyone else measures. The first cru was the Ginestra vineyard, one of the oldest named vineyards in Barolo Mon Forte, and has now developed to a 64 acres estate including vines in Bricco Bastia, and a fantastic state of the art winery with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. More recent purchases include a fantastic selection of vines in Parussi, a cru in the Castiglione Falletto, producing a soft and elegant wine from the slightly more calcerous soils, and of course Monpra, a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera with a dash of Cabernet still blazes a trail in the Langhe Rosso class.


4 Item(s)

  1. Conterno Fantino, Barbera d'Alba DOC, Vignota

    Elegantly scented with pleasant notes of ripe and sour cherry. Learn More

  2. Conterno Fantino, Dolcetto d'Alba DOC, Bricco Bastia

    Mouthwatering acidity and agreeably soft and supple nature makes this a benchmark Dolcetto. Learn More

  3. Conterno Fantino, Barolo Sori Ginestra DOC

    This Barolo is of a more elegant, refined style with very fine tannins resulting in a silky texture. Learn More

  4. Conterno Fantino, Barolo Vigna del Gris DOCG

    A behemoth - concentrated, complex and commanding. Learn More