Cop de Ma


Catalunya symbolises all that is exciting about Spain and its wines. From the vibrant, cool metropolis of Barcelona to the quiet, rural villages of Falset and Gratalopps, it has long been a centre of art, food and good living. Vinis Catalonia is a brand new collaboration involving a leading group of wine-growers, tending vineyards in every major area and able to produce a dazzling cross-section of wines and styles. Aided and abetted by our own flying winemaker, we have assembled an unbeatable range. The name “Cop de Ma” translates to “lend a hand” in Catalan, underlying the regions proud and powerful sense of community. The growers support their fellow farmers and work together to create wines which are much more than the sum of their parts. The beautiful Cop de Ma labels allude to the Castellers – the famous pyramids of men, as a potent symbol of the value of co-operation.

4 Item(s)

  1. Priorat, Cop de Ma Fort

    Red cherry and warm, earthy aromas precede a twist of spice. Learn More

  2. Reserva, Cop de Ma

    A complex, structured nose with layer upon layer of dried red berry fruit which is met with a soft vanilla spice and toasty oak. The palate is elegant and soft with impressive length. Learn More

  3. Garnacha Blanco, Cop de Ma

    An elegant, vibrant white with a crisp, refreshing bite. Learn More

  4. Garnacha Tinta, Cop de Ma

    Smack-in-the face fresh juicy red fruit sings from the glass. Learn More