Fattoria dei Barbi


The Colombini family has had properties in Montalcino since 1352 and has owned the Fattoria dei Barbi since 1790. Barbi was Remo Nardone's first contact / agency during the formation of Enotria in 1972, and is one of the most beautiful, aristocratic estates that one's ever likely to come across in Italy. It is owned and managed by Stefano Cinelli Colombini. The estate is a hedonist's dream with 404 hectares devoted not only to the production of top quality wine, but also salami, prosciutto, pecorino cheese, olive oil and honey. The estate and vines of Fattoria dei Barbi are among the the oldest, most noble and most reputed of Montalcino. The estate has been rejuvenated both in the cellar and vineyards and quality improves at a steady pace.


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  1. Fattoria dei Barbi, Vin Santo DOC (37.5cl)

    A distinctive sweet wine made by drying the grapes on straw mats before pressing to concentrate the sugars and flavour. Learn More