Victoria, Australia

Fowles Wines

Strathbogie Ranges

When Matt Fowles traded life as a big city lawyer for making wine in the outback of the cool climate Strathbogie Ranges, he looked to live off the land by growing veggies and hunting wildlife, while tending to his family's sheep farm and vineyard. It wasn't long before his passions united. "The texture and intensity of wild meat is different from other types" Fowles explained. "We stated to pioneer the idea of making wine specially to match with wild game."

These efforts yielded two much loved labels, Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch and Are You Game? Both wines are very food friendly, and made with grapes grown in Matt's coolest vineyard sites, making for a finished wine that has more acidity and fragrance than many Oz wines - the perfect foil for the intensity of game meat. The label designs walk a fine line between elegance and provenance, with animals displayed on the bottle as they appear in nature, and not on supermarket shelves. Fowles says he isn't looking to court controversy, and believes the bigger shock is what the wine delivers for the price, with the reds in particular delivering far more structure, stuffing and complexity than most Australian reds at similar price points.

We think the Fowles wines represent the new face of Australian winemaking. Hailing from a previously unsung region, they're distinctive wines that satisfy a certain type of wine drinker. They don't try to keep everyone happy, and follow the well worn Aussie wine megabrand formula of delivering bland wines with well known names. If you like wine and food, and especially if you like game foods, these exceptional wines are a must try for you.

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  1. Are You Game Sparkling Vermentino, Fowles Wines

    A delicate straw colour. Aromas of strawberries and apples with some subtle savoury notes. This wine is light and fresh with a fine bead and some yeasty complexity.

    Learn More

  2. Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Wild Ferment Chardonnay

    Mineral notes acquiesce to intense aromas of melon, peach and subtle vanilla. Complex, full bodied with balanced oak notes. Learn More

  3. Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Wild Ferment Shiraz

    Really, really delicious - a superb Shiraz that with gorgeously pronounced black fruit, black pepper and liquorice notes, beautifully rounded, velvety tannins and fabulous freshness. Learn More

  4. Are you Game? Shiraz

    Black pepper, plum and cinnamon mingle with nutmeg and subtle oak notes. The palate is full of ripe red fruits and a medley of complex spices. Learn More

  5. Are you Game? Chardonnay

    Aromas of peach and papaya play with subtle oak and yeasty notes. Full bodied with a creamy texture. Learn More

  6. Are you Game? Pinot Noir

    Aromas of cherry and red plum play with earthy characters and notes of oak. Learn More