Giovanni Puiatti

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The late Vittorio Puiatti had strong, uncompromising views on vinification and his son, Giovanni, now head of the business, continues to work in the tradition established by his father. The end results are intense, steely wines characterised by their ability to develop in bottle without the interference of oak. The wines are from the flatter area of Isonzo, and with exacting viticultural techniques and expertise in the cellar, fantastic wines are produced with great intensity and varietal flavour. Vittorio Puiatti developed what is now Italy’s dominant white wine making technique, frequently called the "metodo Puiatti." They use 100% stainless steel during both the fermentation and aging of the wines. This method is currently so well entrenched that it is easy to forget that it was once considered revolutionary, and even blatantly unfashionable until the mid 1980s. The result of this technique are wines which are quintessentially pure and intensely varietal, rich in fruit, and possessing a relatively high level of acidity, which leaves the palate refreshed.


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