Humberto Canale


Humberto Canale was a pioneering engineer who played a significant role in developing agriculture in Patagonia; he founded and built the winery in 1909 in the heart of the Rio Negro province. Four generations later, Guillermo Barzi Canale has succesfully managed the Humberto Canale winery over its 100th vintage and developed the established vineyards and winery practices to fit the requirements of a new millenium. With a cooler climate than Mendoza, Patagonia lends itself well to aromatic wines with excellent, naturally balancing acidity. Pinit Noir and Merlot flourish here, and Sauvignon Blanc is umparalleled within Argentina.



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  1. Humberto Canale Gran Reserva Cabernet Franc

    Bursting with and intense mix of ripe red berries combined with hints of spice, jam, honey and vanilla. It is full bodied with rich jammy fruit flavours. Learn More

  2. Intimo Blanco Humberto Canale

    Vibrant citrus and tropical fruit exude from this Patagonian beauty. Learn More

  3. Humberto Canale Estate Pinot Noir

    Cherry, liquorice and truffle aromas make this recognisably Pinot Noir, in a subtle and understated Burgundian style. Classic! And a bargain! Learn More

  4. Humberto Canale Old Vine Semillon

    From vines planted in 1942 - the oldest patch of Semillon in Patagonia. Learn More

  5. Humberto Canale Seleccion de la Familia Malbec

    Long and well rounded and very powerful. With intense notes of dried fruit such as prunes and figs combined with hints of vanilla and toasted bread. Learn More

  6. Humberto Canale Estate Merlot

    Great expression of Argetinian Merlot from lesser know Patagonia. Learn More

  7. Humberto Canale Gran Reserva Pinot Noir

    This Pinot Noir represents the best of the varietal in Argentina, showing the terroir characteristics of the Alto Valle del Río Negro oasis. Learn More

  8. Humberto Canale Estate Malbec

    Full bodied, with a complex structure and notes of red berries, spice and black pepper. Learn More

  9. Humberto Canale Intimo Tinto

    An irresistible blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Yum Yum! Learn More