Il Poggione

This is one of Montalcino's oldest estates, and one of the first four ever to have produced Brunello in the late 19th Century, after this extraordinary subvariety of Sangiovese was first identified.  Forty hectares were initially planted with Brunello, with ten more added in 1975.  The increasing fame of the wine has meant that the total has since grown to more than 130 hectares, making Il Poggione one of the largest Brunello producers.  The newer plantings take advantage of the freshness that comes from cooler conditions at high altitude.  Given its size, Il Poggione's reputation for consistency and quality over many years is quite remarkable.

Il Poggione's vineyards are situated in Sant'Angelo, one of the very best areas in all of Montalcino, and known for producing Brunello of great subtlety and balance. This fantastic raw material has been sculpted by a succession of enormously gifted craftsmen to produce outstanding wines over many decades. From 1959, Pierluigi Talenti, who (as his name suggests) was extraordinarily skilled both as a viticulturalist and winemaker began to build the estate's reputation. Having worked alongside him for several years, Fabrizio Bindocci took up the baton in 1976, and is now assisted by his son, Alessandro. Under the Bindoccis' care, Il Poggione has gone from strength to strength, and the last decade has seen it produce some of its finest wines ever.

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  1. Brunello di Montalcino, Il Poggione

    "...there is no better Brunello di Montalcino than Il Poggione." - Ian D'Agata,

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  2. Rosso di Montalcino, Il Poggione

    Gorgeous! Lovely rounded red fruit character, very easy and immediate, backed up by satisfying complexity and structure. A great "poor man's Brunello".

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  3. Magnum of Il Poggione, Brunello di Montalcino

    A fabulous example of Italy's most famous red wine - and from a top-notch producer. Absolutely delicious! Learn More