From France to Italy, and New Zealand to Argentina, you’ve ticked off the key winemaking regions around the globe, but what of something a little left of centre? Kir-Yianni is the perfect partner for our first foray into the wonderful world of Greek wine, and for you to experiment with the quirky and artisanal. As one of Greece’s leading estates, Kir-Yianni turns heads amongst those in the know.

The estate’s home is Naoussa, in northwestern Greece, located in the lush green foothills of Mount Vermion surrounded by verdant forests and plump peach trees. Founder, the inimitable Yiannis Boutaris, worked for decades at his family’s large Boutari wine company, where they bought grapes to bottle under their own labels. However, Yiannis, who always harboured an artistic and rebellious streak, craved something more, and in the 1960s he bought a plot of land without his father’s knowledge. When his father found out he was furious, exclaiming ‘Boutaris are wine producers! What the hell do they have to do with vine-growing?’ This philosophy – more vigneron than negociant – eventually led to Yiannis breaking away from his family and establishing the Kir-Yianni estate. Today, Yiannis’ ebullient son Stellios manages the winery and has continued his father’s quest for excellence at apace. Kir-Yianni comes with the pedigree of tradition, whilst not being afraid to innovate and keep Greek wine relevant to consumers at all levels.

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