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After graduating in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Stellenbosch as one of the top students in 1984, Martin became well known as the leading light behind the now world famous wine of Vergelegen. Since 1997 he has concentrated all his energies and winemaking skills on his family’s Devon Crest Vineyard in Stellenbosch’s Devon Valley, and winemaking for his friend Ken Forrester.

The approach is very terroir based, with just four wines being made.  Devon Crest is a rich and elegant blend of Cabernet and Merlot from four different vineyard sites; Synchronicity, the flagship wine, is a low yielding vineyard selection from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinotage, which earns the greatest accolade. Single varietal Merlot and Pinotage complete the set.

And now Martin has made a white wine - La Barry Sauvignon Blanc - explained in his own words on the label:
"When a specialist red wine prdocuer marries a white wine drinker, something's got to give.  And that, of course, was me.  So this is a tribute to Leigh Anne Barry, also know as La Barry to friends.  Like all our wines, it has been made with much care, thought and individuality.  And just a touch of additional anxiety!"


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  1. Meinert Merlot Devon Valley

    Perfumed plum and appetising scents of roasted red peppers. Soft to begin with, then impressive intensity, body and structure. Wow! Learn More

  2. Meinert Synchronicity Devon Valley

    Martin's flagship wine, and really highlights the terroir of the Devon Valley, one of the best regions for Bordeaux varietals in South Africa. Learn More

  3. Meinert Printers Ink Pinotage

    Full bodied, yet elegant new world pinotage at a surprising price! Learn More

  4. La Barry Sauvignon Blanc, Meinert

    A lovely cool climate Sauvignon with an abundance of ripe gooseberry and nettle aromas. Learn More

  5. Meinert Cabernet Sauvignon Devon Valley

    If you are a fan of Bordeaux, then please do give this one a shot: really well-balanced with textured tannins. Learn More

  6. Meinert La Barry Red

    A wine for every day that offers just that little bit more. It has a lovely mid-palate fullness, yet the finish is gentle and fresh. Good for simply drinking as well enjoying with a meal, such as carpaccio or even a sirloin Learn More