Tsuji Honten

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  1. Gozenshu Junmai Bodaimoto Nigori Misty Mountain Sake, Tsuji Honten

    A fresh fragrance and a vivid flavour with notes of zesty lemon, passion fruit & pepper with a slightly thick mouthfeel, and a long and peppery aftertaste. Learn More

  2. Gozenshu 9 Yuzushu Sake, Tsuji Honten

    Cloudy and yellow in colour with a vivid aroma of ripe yuzu fruit. Rich, sweet yet balanced by candied lemon flavours with a long, pronounced finish. Suitable as an aperitif, dessert sake or cocktail ingredient. Learn More

  3. Gozenshu Futsushu Ancient Mountain Sake, Tsuji Honten

    Delicious and warming, this sake has notes of sweet cereal, soy and mushrooms on the nose, with smooth & creamy rice flavours resulting in a rich, medium-bodied sake with light acidity. Learn More