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This family company is run by Cosimo Varvaglione and his wife Maria Teresa Basile. Benefiting from some of the best vineyard sites, they have invested heavily in vineyards and winemaking facilities and now produce a range of wines which provide typical southern ripeness whilst retaining finesse and delicacy.

They select from the very best vineyard sites for their own label: Malvasia is a beautiful, floral and peachy white, made from a lovely indigenious grape to the Puglia region and Papale is from low-yielding Primitivo, harvested from some of the oldest vineyards near the sea. The area was the source of some of Pope Benedetto XIII’s favourite wines, and as a result has become known as ‘Papale’ in the 18th Century.  The organic Primitivo's beautiful label reflects the fantastic diversity of flora found in the family's vineyards.

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4 Item(s)

  1. Organic Primitivo, Varvaglione, Puglia

    Intense red Organic Primitivo wine with violet hints, reminiscent of fresh red fruit. Learn More

  2. Papale Oro Primitivo di Manduria, Varvaglione

    The Papale Primitivo has flavours of rich dark chocolate, ripe cherries and spice. It's deep, dark and tempting, this wine is seriously seductive. Learn More

  3. 12e Mezzo Negroamaro del Salento, Varvaglione

    Ruby red with shades of purple; the nose has fascinating scents of wild berries. The palate is marked by vanilla with a long lingering finish and a velvety texture. Learn More

  4. 12e Mezzo Malvasia del Salento, Varvaglione

    A balanced and elegant white wine made from Malvasia grape- delicious and excellent value for money. Learn More