Imported Whiskey

Craft is the key word when talking about the new frontier of global whiskey production. Whiskies beyond Scotch represent some of the most exciting areas of spirits growth today, especially in Japan and Ireland.

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  1. Michter's Single Barrel Straight Rye

    Kentucky Straight Rye whiskey of the absolute highest quality. Learn More

  2. Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon

    This was originally sold in Europe & Japan, is aged for 5-6 years & blended from 200 casks. Learn More

  3. Hudson Bay Manhattan Rye 3

    The first New York rye in 80 years, this is vibrant & spicy with subtle notes of honey & coconut. Learn More

  4. Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage

    The Single Barrel Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey releases from Evan Williams are always a treat. Learn More

  5. Elijah Craig Small Batch Whiskey

    Named after Baptist minister Elijah Craig, the man credited with introducing the charring process. Learn More

  6. Tincup Whiskey

    A Bourbon whiskey with lots of spicy rye character, made by Colorado distilling legend Jess Graber. Learn More

  7. Crown Royal Whiskey

    Produced at the Crown Royal distillery on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, & aged in a range of casks. Learn More

  8. Teeling Single Grain Whiskey

    Clean & fruity with underlying sweetness of pure grain, and is aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Learn More

  9. Bushmills 10yo Malt Whiskey

    A fresh, honeyed single malt showing good depth, aged in Bourbon & Oloroso Sherry wood. Learn More

  10. Old Forester Classic 86 Proof Bourbon

    Created by George Garvin Brown in 1870, this is one of few brands made legally during Prohibition. Learn More

  11. Buffalo Trace Whiskey

    This excellent whiskey has oodles of vanilla & barrel char, with a spicy complexity. Learn More

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