Liqueur & Other Spirits

Bar trends have been centred on the speakeasy revival for some time now, and with it has come an astonishing interest in the aromatic and bitter cocktails of the Prohibition era. Beginning with the Martinez some years back, the unearthing and reinterpreting of very grown-up drinks has gone from a canter to a gallop, and that, coupled with the voracious appetite of bartenders for the new, the niche and the unusual, has led to a new respect for amaros and vermouths. Not only are we seeing more bitter apéritifs being offered, but there is a thirst for long-dead labels to be revived and recipes recreated. There really is a technicolour world to be found in these ancient concoctions.

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  1. Aperol

    Aperol has a unique taste thanks to its closely-guarded secret recipe, which has never been changed. Learn More

  2. Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

    87% pure cocoa, with dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel notes, tart cocoa & a long bittersweet finish. Learn More

  3. Gozenshu 9 Yuzushu Sake, Tsuji Honten

    Cloudy and yellow in colour with a vivid aroma of ripe yuzu fruit. Rich, sweet yet balanced by candied lemon flavours with a long, pronounced finish. Suitable as an aperitif, dessert sake or cocktail ingredient. Learn More

  4. Pisco El Gobernador 70cl

    A classic Chilean Pisco produced using aromatic Muscat grapes by the famous Miguel Torres. Learn More

  5. Miclo Kirsch D'Alsace

    A fine eau-de-vie with cherries from the world-famous producers, Miclo of Alsace. Learn More

  6. Konishi Silver Ginjo Hiyashibori Sake, Konishi Shuzo

    Light-bodied with lower alcohol, low acidity and a delicate fragrance resulting in a very silky and elegant Ginjo. Fragrance is a breeze of fresh, refreshing, flowers with a subtle touch of gingerbread. Gripping, inviting and extremely easy to drink. Learn More

  7. Gozenshu Junmai Bodaimoto Nigori Misty Mountain Sake, Tsuji Honten

    A fresh fragrance and a vivid flavour with notes of zesty lemon, passion fruit & pepper with a slightly thick mouthfeel, and a long and peppery aftertaste. Learn More

  8. Fukukomachi Junmai Karakuchi Evening Sky Sake, Kimura Shuzo

    Light and subtle aromas of strawberry and creamy rice with a mineral, crisp and dry structure and mild body. Acidity seems pronounced due to the dryness but, when warmed, acidity mellows and notes of fresh grass, vanilla and oats develop. Simple and easy-to-drink. Learn More

  9. Chartreuse Green

    The original liqueur formulated by Brother Antoine from the ''elixir'' (Chartreuse Elixir Végétal). The strong and distinctive flavour, coupled with its 55% abv strength make this a challenging but rewarding liqueur. Learn More

  10. Fernet Branca

    This recipe has been a fiercely-guarded secret family recipe since 1845, and remains so to this day. Learn More

  11. FAIR. Cafe Liqueur Half Bottle

    Made using only organic Arabica coffee beans grown high up in Mexico's volcanic Huatusco mountains. Learn More

  12. Amaro Averna

    A delicious Italian liqueur, which is produced using the original antique recipe of 1868. Learn More

  13. Regal Rogue Bold Red Vermouth

    Fearlessly fashioned with native wattleseed & pepperberry, thyme & a hint of bitter orange. Learn More

  14. Regal Rogue Wild Rose Vermouth

    The semi-dry Wild Rose is full of tropical fruit notes, subtle spice, & a satisfying dry finish. Learn More

  15. Regal Rogue Daring Dry Vermouth

    This is largely savoury with notes of anise, myrtle, thyme, juniper, olive leaf & white pepper. Learn More

  16. Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth

    This is a lively combination of grapefruit, rosemary, sage, basil, thyme, lemongrass & vanilla. Learn More

  17. Staibano Amalfi Smooth Lemon Liqueur

    This smooth creamy lemon liqueur is made in Amalfi Italy, with only I.G.P Amalfi Lemons. Learn More

  18. Antica Formula Carpano Litre 100cl

    Deep red brown with excellent clarity. Powerful nose of herbs, red fruits and woody notes. Rich complex palate, rounded, with a lingering bitter finish - easily surpasses most red vermouths for flavour and authencity. Learn More

  19. Tarquins Cornish Pastis

    This traditional French spirit is made with star anise & liquorice, alongside other exotic herbs. Learn More

  20. Pisco Aba

    Distilled from Muscat of Alexandria in Chile - a very aromatic, grapey flavour with a mineral finish. Learn More

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