Rum & Cachça

Available in a variety of styles from clean, light white rums to sweeter spiced, deep molasses dark rums and even some interesting flavour infused options; there is a rum to suit every palate. Golden and spiced rums are leading the charge offering something entirely versatile, forming the base to great cocktails and working great with simple mixers – try a golden rum with coconut water or something spiced with grapefruit soda. Flavoured rums make a different slant on classic drinks available with coffee, coconut and orange as popular options; and Cachaça is appearing on summer lists again following a number of years with Rio at the forefront of the world’s sports scene – lighter, more herbal in style it is made for summer sipping!

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  1. Goslings Black Seal Dark Rum

    A rich well balanced rum with the luscious intricate flavours of butterscotch, vanilla & caramel. Learn More

  2. RumJava Cacao'Mon

    A heady combination of all natural chocolate rum and coffee in every sip! The subtle taste of coffee followed by an oak laden chocolate flavoured rum is the result of an intriguing production method Learn More

  3. Plantation Barbados 5yo Rum

    Aged in Bourbon barrels before being transported to Cognac Ferrand for a finish in Cognac casks. Learn More

  4. Aluna Coconut

    Aluna offers the fresh, natural taste of coconut alongside the typical warmth of white rums with a remarkably smooth, clean finish. A delicious, lower sugar alternative. Learn More

  5. El Dorado 12 year old Rum

    A complex and rich rum packed with aromas of honey, banana, smoky toffee & raisins. Learn More

  6. Ron Zacapa 23

    A super-premium rum made from a blend of rums aged between six & 23 years old. Learn More

  7. Owneys Craft White Rum

    Reviving the prohibition spirit, this natural rum is distilled in the heart of New York. Learn More

  8. Ron de Jeremy Reserva Rum

    Ron de Jeremy Rum is an exceptionally well-balanced 7-year old rum from Panama. Learn More

  9. Koko Kanu

    A fun, lively Coconut rum incorporationg two of Jamaica's national symbols on its label. Learn More

  10. Penny Blue XO Batch 4

    Small batch Single Estate Mauritian Rum from the Medine distillery. A rare richly fruity style. Learn More

  11. Havana Club 15 year old Rum

    Created by selecting the best quality reserve rums of Cuba, born in 1878. Learn More

  12. ELLC Demerara Rum

    A classic, smooth Demerara rum with notes of vanilla, coffee, toffee & raisins. Learn More

  13. FAIR. Rhum Product of Belize 10yo

    Made from high quality Belizean Fairtrade organic sugar cane. Learn More

  14. The Duppy Share Rum

    A fine blend of golden rums from the Caribbean islands of Jamaica & Barbados. Learn More

  15. Dictador Colombian Rum 12yo

    This deep amber rum from fermented sugar cane honey has rich caramel & roasted coffee flavours. Learn More

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