It's amazing how many people don't like Chardonnay but love Chablis.  Chablis is made from Chardonnay, but it is a unique style - flinty dry and crisp with an almost eyewatering vibrancy - that nowhere else in the world seems able to replicate.  Just as well that Chablis continues to be such great value: you can pick up a Premier Cru for the price of some of the least expensive white Burgundy.  And you can buy a top Grand Cru for the price of a basic Meursault.

The distinctive nature of Chablis comes from its cool climate with a long ripening season and from the underlying Kimmeridgian limestone - a rock layer full of Jurassic fossils that also surfaces in Sancerre and Dorset.  Most Chablis sees no oak ageing, although a few winemakers recognise that some of their Premier and Grand Cru wines benefit from being treated like white Burgundy from further south, with subtle barrel influence.

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  1. Bernard Defaix Chablis

    100% classic, true-to-type Chablis. Beautiful liveliness and vibrancy, with an understated honeyed richness.

    Learn More

  2. Domaine Bernard Defaix Chablis 1er Cru Les Vaillons

    A classy Chablis with all the text book characteristics, the character that sets this Chablis apart is its round edges that make it very aproachable. Learn More

  3. Bernard Defaix Chablis Grand Cru Bougros

    A wine that will make a special occasion very special. Learn More

  4. Chablis, Vieilles Vignes Domaine de Vauroux

    A creamy texture, underscored by a typical Chablis mineral acidity. Learn More

  5. Chablis Grand Cru Bougros, Domaine de Vauroux

    Concentrated and complex with layers of green apple and restrained minerality. Learn More

  6. Chablis, Olivier Tricon

    Bright, elegant crisp minerality and refreshing citrus-like acidity. Learn More

  7. Petit Chablis, Olivier Tricon

    Traditional, crisp minerality and refreshing citrus-like acidity. Learn More

  8. Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons, Jean Marc Brocard

    This wine is made by the highly acclaimed winemaker Jean Marc Brocard and comes from one of the most sought a after premier cru vineyards. Learn More

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