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Château Sainte Marie

Bordeaux Supérieur / Entre-deux-Mers

Well, here's passion big-time, and practically on our doorstep. Stéphane Dupuch's determination and superb results stand out against the ocean of indifferent Entre-deux-Mers whites and Bordeaux Supérieur reds that are produced in the region.

Since the property has been in Stephane's hands, he and his wife have raised the standards enormously. In a region of varied soils, they are keen to plant vine varieties in the places that will bring out the best qualities in their fruit (this has not been done consistently in the area). For example, claychalk soil brings out vibrant fruit and zesty acidity in Sauvignon Blanc, and also favours Merlot. The Dupuchs purchased a distinctive hilltop vineyard in the 1990s, which is composed of deposits from an ancient river, including an iron-rich gravel known as Alios, from which the site derives its name. Alios produces outstanding results for Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, promoting full ripeness of these late-maturing varieties.

This is the only Petit Verdot grown in the region, and Stéphane was told he was nuts to plant it......but it ripens very happily, and adds its distinctive character to the wine.


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